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Are you a small or medium business owner looking for tax, accounting, finance, and loan advice?

With Affinitas, you can feel confident and assured knowing you’re in safe hands. Our specialist team of accountants, financial advisors, and loan facilitators have been working with small- to medium-sized business owners for over 15 years. Our families and partners run their own businesses so we know the ins and outs from a personal and a professional point-of-view.

Maybe you’re thinking of purchasing a new business. Are you looking for help with managing cashflow? Do you have assets purchased before June 30 to write off? Whatever you’re after, the Affinitas team can help.

Are you turning over all the money you thought you needed, but you’re still struggling to pay the bills? You might need help with managing your cashflow. For more on this topic, click through below.

Cashflow Control – Making Sure You Don’t Run Out of Money

If you’re a substantial employer with over 20 employees – or you will be soon – you need to know about new Single Touch Payroll reporting requirements. These requirements took effect on July 1, 2018. Are you across them?

Beware Being Fooled by New Business Payroll Reporting

The quarterly Business Activity Statement can feel just like tax collection time, but it’s also an opportunity to assess your business’ health. Are costs shrinking and margins rising? Are margins shrinking and costs rising? Use your BAS to figure out why and plan ahead for the next quarter.

Use BAS as a Business Health Check

Are you meeting your obligations to your staff? As your boss, employees are a responsibility and not just a right. Make sure you’re playing fair with our helpful guide.

Employer obligations should be taken seriously

For more help with tax, accounting, finance, and loan advice for your small- or medium-sized business (or to grow your business from small to medium, or medium to large), contact the friendly and experienced Affinitas team. You can call us on 07 3359 5244, email us at or message us through Messenger below.

Download our helpful small business budget template. Message Affinitas on Messenger today

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