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Are there changes to claiming for work related cars? – BBQ Talk 27

Are there any changes to how we claim our work related cars for the 2016 tax return?

Ans (Tammy from Affinitas)

Yes there is… For the 2016 Financial Year onwards we will only have a choice of two methods – Cents per kilometre and Logbook. We recommend to all clients, who use their car a substantial amount for work, that they keep a logbook. When preparing your tax return this gives us the option to use either method, calculating which gives you the best outcome

If your logbook hasn’t been updated in the last 5 years or this is the first time using your car for work, now is the time to start! It needs to be kept for a minimum of 12 weeks which, if you start it now, will see you finishing it early in the financial year!! You can pick up a logbook from your local newsagency or contact our office for an electronic template or for any other questions you might have about your car claim

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