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Are you an employee looking for tax, accounting, finance, and loan advice?

Whether you’re casual, part-time, full-time, or a freelancer with your own business, Affinitas is here to help. If you’re looking to change accountants, maximise your deductions, or consolidate your loans, our experienced team is ready to tackle your taxes.

Are you behind on your tax returns? Don’t stress — a lot of people are. But did you know that your overdue returns don’t expire? To find out how we claimed over $85, 000 in returns for a couple read through our article below.

Does The Tax Office Owe You Pots of Money?

Get the tax return you deserve this year with the below guide to the five most overlooked tax deductions. Every dollar counts!

The Top Five Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

Not sure why you didn’t get the return you were expecting last year? Resident tax expert AK talks you through why your deductions didn’t equal your return.

Why Isn’t My Tax Return Equal To The Deductions I Claimed?

So you’ve booked an appointment — and Deb won’t stop asking questions! No need to fret, she’s just getting to the bottom of your finances so we can get you back as much as possible.

Why Does Deb Ask So Many Questions?

If you’ve got an outstanding tax return for this year – or last year, or the last twelve years – don’t forget: we want them!

For more help with tax, accounting, finance, and loan advice around your pay check, your super, or your investments, contact the friendly and experienced Affinitas team. You can reach us on 07 3359 5244 or email us at . Alternatively, you can reach us through Messenger below.

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