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Professional accountants and tax agents who can help you achieve your financial goals

Affinitas Accounting’s team of professional accountants are committed to helping you achieve your business and personal financial goals.

As qualified and professional accountants and tax agents, we can do so much more than just crunch the numbers – we are here to help you grow your business and provide personal wealth creation strategies.

professional accountants

professional-accountantsBrad Peters

Qualification: BA, MBA, FCPA (FPS)

Role in Practice: Business Advisor & Financial Planner; Director

Brad is our big picture guy. He blends his years of experience across accounting, tax, financial planning, and occasionally from his former life as a journalist, to help clients plot their course strategically towards building strong businesses and family wealth.

Whether you are looking for business structuring advice, help evaluating a business purchase or sale, planning for retirement or looking to protect the wealth you’ve already built, you will be in safe hands with Brad.  Brad Peters is an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited.

My Passion : Seeing our clients “put it all together” and achieve business and personal financial success. Seeing my team members grow and develop.

For Fun: Over 40’s Cricket; tennis, horse racing, fishing watching sport, reading, music. Beach walks with my wife and my dog.

Alternate Dream Job: Manager of the Australian Cricket Team

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professional-accountants Tanya du Preez

Qualification: B.Com Dipp Acc CA(SA) CPA

Role in Practice: Business Advisor & Finance Specialist; Director

Tanya’s superpower is helping business owners and property investors make strategic decisions by developing meaningful financial reporting. She brings to the table more than 20 years’ experience and an in depth knowledge of tax, structuring, management accounting and finance.

Tanya is our finance wizard. She helps our clients, from first homebuyers to business owners, develop smart finance strategies and then secures competitive finance for them. If a bank starts to give you the run-around, you want Tanya fighting in your corner.

My Passion: I’m a fierce protector of my clients’ best interests. It’s hard to beat the satisfaction I get from helping a client kick their financial goals and set new ones! Helping families give their kids a great financial foundation and education is really important to me.

For Fun: I love to travel. Exploring beautiful places and spaces fills me with joy. I treasure time spent in conversation with family and friends, reading and day dreaming. I’m an espresso martini connoisseur and chocolate lover.

Alternate Dream Job: It would have to be something in design – beautiful spaces, shoes or jewellery.


professional-accountantsToni Sweeney

Qualification: B.Bus Acc CPA

Role in Practice: Senior Accountant & Advisor

Toni specialises in structuring businesses effectively for both asset protection and tax planning purposes. She loves helping business owners use financial information to drive better business outcomes – and will spend the time necessary to ensure clients understand the figures and what they might do in the future to build on or improve their results. Toni is a professional accountant who injects her 20 years of experience, across a multitude of industries, into what she does for clients every day.

My Passion: Being able to help my clients build wealth and create better businesses so they have more time to spend with their families.

For Fun: I love anything art and crafty. Getting outdoors and enjoying life with my boys and being involved in club life at our local sporting club.

Alternate Dream Job: Managing a sports club for our community.


professional-accountantsDebbie Duncan

Role in Practice: Senior Tax Advisor

Deb heads up our individuals and sole traders service team. She specialises in looking after property investors and new businesses starting out. Deb also looks after our office social calendar. You cannot miss Deb when you come to Affinitas for an appointment. Her energy, enthusiasm and infectious laugh is an integral part of the experience when clients visit our office.

My Passion: Working with a great team of people and professional accountants. Catching up with my clients each year and helping them save tax.

For Fun: Jet skiing, cruising and sampling cocktails.

Alternate Dream Job: Working in a travel agency so I can talk about cruising to people all day long.


Anita Schmidt

Role in Practice: Office Manager

Anita is our office manager extraordinaire. She has a hand in almost everything that keeps our office running smoothly and ensures both clients and our team are looked after.

As the person at our front desk, she is the very important first point of contact for anyone interacting with our business, either in person, or via the phone or email.

Anita also helps clients with outsourced payroll, an invaluable service to small businesses with growing teams.

My Passion: I love being implementing new systems. I love seeing things come together. I love a challenge and being able to support and assist our team of professional accountants.

For Fun: Curling up on the couch to watch a good show on TV, or swimming.

Alternate Dream Job: I always wanted to be a nurse as a kid – so something where I can help others.


professional-accountantsJenelle Hollingdale

Role in Practice: Client Service Manager

Jenelle makes sure that our clients are looked after right from the outset by setting up new clients across our systems and making the process of coming on board smooth and easy.

Jenelle looks after book-keeping for many clients and prepares custom cashflow and profitability reporting to support growing businesses.

Jenelle also looks after clients in the finance side of the business, helping out with reviewing their loans each year to help save them money and co-ordinating any post settlement changes. Jenelle has the perfect balance of endless patience and fierce persistence when chasing banks to encourage the level of service we expect for clients.

My Passion: I really love being part of a great team. Interesting work and always having lots of new things to learn.

For Fun: I love going to the beach, long walks and catching up with family and friends.

Alternate Dream Job: Managing a holiday resort in Fiji.


Michelle Esler

Role in Practice: Client Service Manager – Financial Planning

Michelle has used her experience and background as a senior bank officer to help her transition into a career as a first class financial planning customer service manager.

After starting out as a client of Affinitas, Michelle liked us so much, she decided to be part of our team.

Many financial planning clients comment how Michelle’s hard work and friendly disposition have helped them navigate the often complex and confusing journey through the paperwork necessary to set up financial plans and/or make insurance claims.

My Passion: I love what I do as I enjoy working with people to assist in setting them up for the rest of their lives. I find that I am meeting new people all the time and from different walks of life and I enjoy having a good chat about their lives.

For Fun: I love to spend time with the family and my 10 grandchildren, do some patchwork quilting (not that it is that relaxing), travelling and enjoying a nice cold Sav Blanc on the balcony enjoying the ocean views.

Alternate Dream Job: I always had dreams of being a police woman as a younger person but now I am more about enjoying the people I work with and enjoying what I do.


professional-accountantsTriya Anekbooon

Qualification: ASA PG.Dip.Bus.Acc.

Role in Practice: Accountant

Triya’s curious nature and super sharp attention to detail makes her a real asset in our accounting team looking after businesses across a range of industries. Triya is involved in preparing financial statements, tax and BAS returns as well as assisting clients through gathering what’s needed to get their work underway as conveniently as possible.

My Passion: Following the numbers and making sure things balance so that clients know they can rely on the information we provide about their business performance!

For Fun: I LOVE to read, especially romance.

Alternate Dream Job: I’d be a wedding planner (not surprising given my love of a good romance novel), or work on a cruise ship!


Kato Fonua

Qualification: B.Bus Acc Mtax

Role in Practice: Accountant

Kat works closely with Deb looking after individuals and small businesses starting out. Her warm, kind nature endears her to our team and our client’s alike.

Kat is involved in preparing tax and BAS returns as well as PAYG variations for our property investors. She also supports the business team with gathering information in readiness for preparing our clients’ financials.

My Passion: I Love meeting wonderful new people and being able to help clients with their tax needs.

For Fun: I love to go for walks, bike riding or just simply enjoy a glass of wine with some Netflix at home on the weekend and catching up with friends and family in my spare time.

Alternate Dream Job: A pilot, love travelling and exploring new places.


professional-accountantsCathy Kayess

Role in Practice: Personal Risk Adviser

Cathy is our financial planning BDM extraordinaire. Like Michelle Esler, Cathy started as a client of Affinitas and decided it was the place she wanted to work.

Experience as a BDM in the medical indemnity insurance industry gives Cathy a particular affinity with young medical professionals and her network of contacts in this industry is attracting valuable new clients to Affinitas each and every week.

Cathy has studied and worked hard to upskill herself in financial planning and has been a quick study on the behind-the-scenes computer processes that drive modern financial planning.  Cathy Kayess is an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited.

My Passion: Educating our clients about why cover is important and the difference is can make in their lives drives me.

For Fun: Anything in or around the water, swimming laps mostly.

Alternate Dream Job: Probably running a pub where my friends would drink the profits!


Allyssa Oman

Role in Practice: Senior Client Services Manager – Financial Planning

Don’t let the youthful appearance fool you – Ally Oman possesses an extremely sharp, enquiring mind and brings to the table broad experience working in client services for a range of different financial planning practices.

Ally (or The Gator as we like to call her) has developed a loyal following for her prompt, friendly and efficient service delivery.

But The Gator also will bare her teeth if she believes our clients are not receiving the type of service they should from an insurance company or any other financial provider. The more complex an issue gets, the harder Ally will fight for you.

My Passion: I love helping people understand the intricacies of financial planning, particularly insurance. I love helping to guide and support our clients through insurance claims.

For Fun: Baking! When I’m not at work, I’m in the kitchen!

Alternate Dream Job: Long haul Truck Driver, driving across Australia.


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