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Whether you have a plan in place and are working towards a long term financial goal, or wanting a “safety net” should something go wrong along the way, Affinitas Accounting’s SMSF accountants can help you plan for the future that you want and deserve.

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Whether you’re just thinking of starting an SMSF, or are already running one, our SMSF specialist are ready to help you succeed. From the creation to management of your fund, our professional services provide the strong foundations you need.

Benefits of SMSF

Why Choose Self-Managed Super Funds

SMSF are an incredibly popular option for Australians looking to take control of their retirement funds. If you’re already thinking about moving your super balance into your own SMSF, here are a couple of reasons why it might be the right move for you:

investment options

Comprehensive Control Over Your Portfolio


Improved Investment Options & Flexibility


Leverage Your Super Funds to Acquire Investment Property


Manage Your Capital Gains Tax (CGT)


Pool Your Superannuation funds with family


Control Who Profits From Your Estate

SMSF Accountant You Can Trust

Why Choose Affinitas Accounting

As professional SMSF accountants in Brisbane, we have detailed knowledge of the SMSF laws, tax requirements, and different types of investments available. Obtaining a self-managed superannuation fund is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your future and your retirement.


Qualified & certified

fixed pricing

Fixed pricing

no paper work

No paper, no fuss

free advice

Expert advice

Affinitas Accounting’s SMSF accountants are passionate about helping you prepare for retirement with a self-managed superannuation fund. We set high standards for ourselves and are dedicated to providing our clients with nothing but expert SMSF accounting services. If you require SMSF accountants, we can help you!

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Apart from mandated employer contributions like superannuation guarantee, other contributions can include salary sacrifice, rollovers or transfer from existing fund, spouse, government co-contributions. If you’re self-employed you can also make voluntary contributions to your superannuation account. 

ASIC and the ATO recommend a minimum balance of $200,000 for a SMSF to be cost effective. But some funds below that balance may still work out in your favour. Your fund costs will depend on how much financial advice, investment management and accounting fees you pay for, compared to how much your fees would be in your existing retail or industry fund.

Yes. But there are risks in using a company for multiple purposes.

Under SMSF regulations, there can’t be any overlap between SMSF funds and other company funds. If your company had financial or legal difficulties through its other trading activities, your SMSF assets could be at risk. If your SMSF is sued (e.g. a tradie on your SMSF rental property has an accident), the rest of your company assets may be at risk.

You can register a special purpose SMSF company that only acts as trustee of a SMSF (with a reduced annual ASIC company fee).

  • Preservation age (55+ depending on date of birth): when you retire from work
  • Over 67: anytime without needing to retire

If you have met your preservation age and are still working, you might be able to access your super through a transition to retirement pension. This type of pension has strict limits on minimum and maximum withdrawals in a financial year.

Before you take any benefits from your super fund, talk to a super specialist about tax, documentation and cashing conditions.

Apart from a two week shutdown over the Christmas/ New Year period, we are a Brisbane accounting firm that is open at least five days per week all year round. This includes being open some evenings and Saturday mornings during tax season – from July to October.

For a one-on-one interview, we advise that making appointments is best, especially during tax season. If attending an appointment is difficult, we have online options via our much used email tax checklist. This allows Affinitas, as a Brisbane accounting firm, to service clients throughout Australia.

Different firms have different policies in this area. We are a Brisbane accounting firm that generally does not charge for answering a phone call or email from our clients, except in circumstances where the answer to a question may involve extensive time and research.

There is more than 100 years of combined experience in the Affinitas tax team. We are a Brisbane accounting firm with expert knowledge in a wide range of industries, from medical professionals, to trades and transport businesses, property developers and investors.

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