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Your Local Tax Accountant In Brisbane

In a business, every transaction presents tax planning opportunities and challenges. As North Brisbane based tax accountants, we have been providing reliable taxation solutions since 1987. We believe in providing our customers with the support they need to grow their business and achieve their financial goals. That’s why we provide our clients with year-round support, meaning the work for tax time doesn’t start in June – it’s ongoing!

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Tax Accountant Brisbane

Save Time and Money With Your Brisbane Tax Accountant

The stress and complexities of modern-day life can leave one facing a plethora of challenges. From business, career, finance and family – these challenges can often be interconnected on multiple levels. Your business expansion plans, investment plans, and your ability to borrow money can become precarious depending on the outcome of your tax returns. More so, the way that you structure your business can affect your tax, investment, and lending outcomes.

In order to make informed decisions that benefit your future, you need advisers who can get to know you, your business and your family. Your advisers need to be able to assimilate, analyse and explain information to you in all these important financial areas. We have a team of qualified professional Brisbane accountants who are able to offer you relevant and timely advice to help you achieve your personal and business financial goals. 


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Reliable Tax Accountant Brisbane

Trusted. Credible. Professional.

Accounting firms in a modern city like Brisbane need to offer clients a broad range of tax services. Our team of local tax accountants is here to help you. We aim to make tax season as simple and easy for our clients as possible, allowing them to prioritise a focus on their business developments or on family life. We believe that, in order to make informed decisions that benefit your future or the future of your business, you need advisers who can get to know you, your business, and your family.

We know that partnering with the right accounting firm can directly impact the success of your business. That’s why the Affinitas Accounting team strives to create a relationship based on understanding and trust with our clients.



When you choose to work with Affinitas Accounting, you can rest assured that you will receive:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Competence
  • A principled approach
  • Good, timely communication 
  • Proactive reporting 
  • Expert advice
  • Fixed Price Quotes
  • No charge for phone call enquiries

Affinitas Accounting is determined to see your business or startup succeed and grow. Let us show you how much value we can create together for your business and for your customers.

As a team of local tax accountants with over 20 years of collective, on-the-ground experience helping individuals and businesses of all sizes maximise their financial potential, we recognise that all you want is to improve cash flow and increase profits. And we will strive to help you achieve that – for your sake, the sake of your family, and for the sake of your business


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Our Expert Tax Accountant Provides The Following Professional Services:

1. We help business clients plan strategies and manage the day-to-day challenges of being in business.

2. Our Accountants help you meet your tax requirements and monitor your GST liabilities.

3. Our Accountants help you manage cash flows.

4. Our financial advisors offer detailed and general advice on investment and superannuation strategies.

5. Our Accountants are able to give you professional advice related to income protection.


If you’re looking for a tax accountant in Brisbane, we can help. 

With our taxation services, we’re committed to making your business run smoother and more efficiently than ever before. Free up your time, your attention, and your staff to focus on more important things from day-to-day. With Affinitas Accounting on your side, you can count on the best advice, support, and business planning strategies to really move the dial for your business. 

How would it feel to know all this frustrating financial data and bookkeeping was being looked after by a team of competent, well-trained finance ninjas? 

Let’s find out!

Get an expert tax accountant in Brisbane!

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Affinitas Accounting offers all your financial needs under the one roof

Tax Accountant Brisbane

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Tax Accountant Brisbane
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Affinitas Accounting Open all year round?

Apart from a two week shutdown over the Christmas/ New Year period, we are Brisbane tax accountants that are open at least five days per week all year round. This includes being open some evenings and Saturday mornings during tax season – from July to October.

Do I need to make an appointment?

For a one-on-one interview, we advise that making appointments is best, especially during tax season. If attending an appointment is difficult, we have online options via our much used email tax checklist. This allows Affinitas, as Brisbane tax accountants, to service clients throughout Australia.

How long will my refund take?

Circumstances can vary for each individual client, but if your return is relatively straightforward, you should allow at least 14 working days for ATO processing.

Does Affinitas Accounting charge for every phone call and/or email?

Different firms have different policies in this area. We are Brisbane tax accountants that generally do not charge for answering a phone call or email from our clients, except in circumstances where the answer to a question may involve extensive time and research.

Is the Affinitas Accounting team experienced?

There is more than 100 years of combined experience in the Affinitas tax accountant team. We are Brisbane tax accountants with expert knowledge in a wide range of industries, from medical professionals, to trades and transport businesses, property developers and investors.

Contact: Affinitas Accounting North Brisbane

For more information call Affinitas Accounting on (07) 3359 5244 and speak with one of our tax agents at our North Brisbane Accounting office today!

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