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Tax Agent Services

Reputable Tax Agent Services in Brisbane

Do you require the services of a tax agent for your business or personal tax obligations? Choose Affinitas Accounting! As a professional accounting firm, we go beyond that. We believe in providing our customers with the support they need to grow their business and achieve their financial goals. That’s why we provide our clients with year-round support.

If you’re looking for tax agent services to help you prepare for your tax submission or to help maintain your accounting, please get in touch with a member of our friendly staff. Let’s start making a real difference to your business, today!

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Tax Agent Services

We Can Help You Manage Your Tax

At Affinitas Accounting, we aim to provide expert tax agent services to our clients. We treat each client with individualism and professionalism, ensuring every client always receives the respect and dedication they deserve. We treat everyone with mutual respect and understanding and go out of our way to build relationships with our clients – which is what sets us apart.

Let this give you peace of mind when allowing Affinitas Accounting to provide you with tax services. We will collaborate with you on the effective management of either your business or personal tax position by providing consistent, timely, proactive, and, most importantly, accurate tax solutions. The Affinitas Accounting team will identify and manage your risks, help you maximise opportunities by considering their tax implications, and always helping you ensure you are fully compliant with the ATO’s strict requirements.

We can assist you with the following tax-related services:

  • income tax compliance for partnerships, individuals, companies, trusts, etc.
  • preparation of financial accounts
  • payroll tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • stamp duty
  • land tax
  • specialist tax advice
  • effective tax planning
  • ATO dispute resolution
  • tax risk management
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

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Tax Agent Services

Work with Us

We don’t just provide you with tax services: we are your partners, providing expert financial advice that can help you achieve financial success and see the growth of your business. A thorough understanding of business and financial structures means our experienced team can help navigate the complex tax obligations of your business. If it feels like you’re doing two jobs at once by turning over your work and trying to maintain your financial systems, we can help with a sound accounting structure and a financial plan that will guide our business partnership and help you avoid common pitfalls.

We will keep your business healthy and heading in the right direction with quality business and management advice. All your accounting, tax, and bookkeeping needs are in good hands with us. We know that having the right finance and cash flow management systems in place is important for business owners.

Ensuring your business’ finances are in healthy shape can be a daunting task. Let us tailor our tax services to suit your requirements! We will work with you in your Brisbane-based business to create a plan to improve growth, limit unnecessary spending, and increase your bottom line.

Here are some of our additional services offered:

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Tax Agent Services

Expert Tax Services

Affinitas Accounting Helps You Meet Your Tax Requirements

Taxation and GST liabilities need to be monitored and planned for in advance. The Affinitas approach is to stay involved with your business numbers throughout the year and tackle issues before they become surprises and problems. If the Australian Taxation Department needs to be contacted about your situation, we represent you.

Experts with Backdated Tax Returns

Sometimes individuals and/or businesses disengage with the tax department. They just fall behind with their tax returns and it seems easier (in the short term) to not deal with the backlog. But there ALWAYS comes a day when reality knocks at the door and these backdated returns need to be dealt with – whether it’s for a bank loan, dealing with Centrelink, a deceased estate, or when the dreaded demand letter turns up from the ATO.

After 20 years, there is almost nothing we have not seen when it comes to late tax returns. The experienced Affinitas Accounting team knows how to analyse the overall situation and then manage the process to get you up to date. We even have backdated software going back more than 30 years to ensure that the right tax rates and rules are applied to each back-dated return. Our team got one couple up to date after being a combined 21 years behind. We have also recently completed 12 years for another client.

We’ve cleaned up businesses’ and trusts’ returns stretching back more than a decade. Back-dated individual tax returns can often result in large back-dated refunds. Getting businesses up to date can ensure that if the tax, fines, and penalties are accruing, they can be put on hold and payment arrangements negotiated.  

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