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Tax Bill – I know I’ll have one this year what should I do? – BBQ Talk 24

I know I’m going to get a tax bill this year. So, am I better to wait until I have enough money saved to pay for the tax bill before I get my tax prepared?

Ans (Tammy from Affinitas)

Quiet the opposite. Until we fully prepare your tax return we can’t give you a reliable estimate of what your tax bill might be so it is actually best to get your tax return done as soon as possible. Talk to your advisor about why you think you will be getting a bill and, as always, they will endeavour to legally minimize that bill as much as possible.

Once we have an outcome we don’t need to lodge your return until the due date meaning we can put together a strategy to make sure you have enough cash set aside before that day arrives. Having a plan with an accurate figure in mind can help give you peace of mind and make any bill seem more manageable.

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