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Are you a trades business owner looking for tax, accounting, finance, and loan advice?

With Affinitas, you can feel assured and confident knowing you’re in safe hands. Our specialist team of accountants, financial advisors, and loan facilitators have been working with trades business owners for over 15 years. Our families and partners have trades business so we know the ins and outs from a personal and professional point of view. 

Is your cashflow out of control? Do you need help getting on top of your reporting requirements every year — or every quarter? Are you best on the tools and your business needs some management help? Whatever you need, the Affinitas team can help

Score some easy runs on your tax return this year with our simple guide below.

Is your trades business a few years old and you’re not making the headway you expected? Find out how to tackle your tradie tax confusion below.

Tradie Tax Confusion

Confused about the difference between a contractor and an employee? Do you have a few subbies that might actually be staff? Clarify your payroll obligations with this article. 

Is Your Contractor Really A Contractor?

Are you building houses, roads, and bridges but somehow not your business? Find out how to use your BAS to measure the health of your company.

Use BAS as a Business Health Check

For more help with tax, accounting, finance, and loan advice for your construction, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, tiling, or other trades business, contact the friendly and experienced Affinitas team. You can call us on 07 3359 5244, email us at or message us through Messenger below.

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For more general small- to medium-sized business advice, head to our dedicated small business page here.

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