As of 1 October 2015 Online Accounting and Taxation Solutions has changed name to Affinitas Accounting, you have now been redirected to the new page.

Providing accounting and taxation solutions in Brisbane since 1987

Affinitas Accounting has been providing accounting and taxation services to businesses and individuals in from our offices in Brisbane’s northern suburbs since 1987.

Originally know as Online Accounting & Taxation Solutions (or Online Tax for short) the name was coined in the era where tax returns were first lodged via online modems with the tax department.

Fast forward more than 25 years and in the world of email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, the word online now means something much broader and we found that prospective new clients wondered whether we only dealt with people over the net and not face-to-face.

In fact, our ethos is quite the opposite. We make smart and efficient use of up-to-date technology, but we sincerely believe in getting to know our clients and that often includes at least a couple of face-to-face meetings each year. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer personalised and tailored accounting services.

And that’s where the name Affinitas came from. Affinitas is Latin for “connection” and that is our aim – to stay connected to our clients, their needs and the broader community.

Our Services

We provide accounting, taxation services and associated finance and financial planning services to a broad range of clients in diverse industries.

Affinitas Accounting services clients in the eastern states of Australia, including Sydney.

We have developed specialities servicing clients in the South East Queensland and Brisbane region, but also in the industries of medical, consulting, contracting, professional services and tradespeople.

accounting and taxation services

Our services are described in more detail here.

Partners in Success

On our business journey, we have grown as a practice and many of our clients have grown with us.

We have seen individual taxation clients grow to become successful small business owners and then investors who have grown their personal wealth and their lives through growing their businesses.

We are proud of the part we have played as partners in their success.

Our team

Our team is led by business partners Brad Peters, Toni Sweeney, Debbie Duncan and Tanya du Preez.

Our professional accountants, financial planners and finance consultants are committed to helping you achieve your business and personal financial goals. Profiles of our team members are here.

Need friendly advice? Talk to our staff today about how we can help your business succeed.

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