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When it comes to accounting services, many people believe that they will receive the same service at any firm. This is mostly because people do not know what they are missing out on.

To help you assess the quality and cost effectiveness of the advice you are receiving, the team at Affinitas Accounting has put together a list of points to help assess the services being provided from your accounting firm.

If you can identify with any of the following questions/comments it may be a sign that your accounting firm is not the right fit for you and/or your business.

  1. I don’t like to contact my accountant with questions because I’m charged for every phone call we have.
  2. My accountant does not seem to care about how my business performs – only about the money that I pay in fees.
  3. I have no exit strategy for my business or retirement plan, I am interested in having one but my accountant is only interested in doing my tax.
  4. My accountant is only interested in looking back at the year past, rather than the year ahead.
  5. Unless they are asking me for information, my accountant never contacts me to check how my business is travelling.
  6. After a meeting with my accountant I still have no idea how to make more money out of my business or get more time with my family.
  7. If my accountant returns a phone call or email back to me within 5 days, it’s faster than usual.
  8. My accountant is always there in the good times but I never hear from them when business is going poorly.
  9. My tax bills always come as a complete surprise.
  10. I’m not sure what my accountant charges me for, and when they do talk to me, they make it sound very complicated.


People and businesses have different needs and different styles of accounting firms can meet these needs.

In addition to its tax expertise, Affinitas Accounting offers business consulting, financial planning and finance broking services. We believe this extended range of services provides our clients with options to get the very best outcomes for their business and their families from their professional relationship with our firm.

We have also created a service to assist businesses and individuals through the process of changing accountants, Click here to find out more!

Need friendly advice? Talk to our staff today about how we can help your business succeed.

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